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State educational institution
Hight vocation school number twenty four Korec, Rivne region

History of our vocational school

The Hight vocation school number  twenty four of the town of Korets ensures the realization of the needs of citizens in professional (vocational and technical) education, mastering labor professions in accordance with their interests.
VPU № 24 in Korets provides training of qualified workers on the basis of 9th and 11th grades.
Rural Vocational and Technical College № 7 in Korets, Rivne Region, was founded on April 12, 1962, with the purpose of training mechanization personnel for agricultural production.  The founder of the educational institution is the Lviv Interregional Administration of the Vocational Institute (Order № 123 dated April 12, 1962).
Successor of the founder: Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine
In connection with the reorganization on August 17, 1984, SPTU № 7 was renamed SPTU № 24.
On August 27, 2000, SPTU № 24 was renamed to VPU № 24.  During the entire period of operation of the educational institution, about 24,000 students obtained professional degrees.

 Present days of our vocational school

The educational and production process is provided by 75 pedagogical workers, including: 5 managerial personnel, 27 masters of industrial training, 27 teachers (including 2 physical education teachers), 2 methodologists, 5 educators, 5 group leaders, 1 practical psychologist, 1 physical education manager .
Every year, the educational institution recruits students in the following professions:
– electrician for repair and maintenance of electrical equipment;
– tractor driver – machinist of agricultural production;
(The educational program for the profession of agricultural tractor driver, categories A1, A2, was developed in accordance with DS PTO 8331.A.01.50-2016, reviewed and approved at a meeting of the methodological commission 19.08.2021 protocol N1)
– cook, confectioner;
– bricklayer, plasterer, tiler;
– locksmith repairing wheeled vehicles. As of January 1, 2023, 665 students are studying at the institution.

Material base of the institution

In order to ensure the training of qualified workers in professions in accordance with licenses, to obtain a full general secondary education, the school has created a material and technical base, which includes 5 separate buildings, which house:
27 classrooms for 720 student places;
12 educational and production workshops for 240 student places;
2 sports halls with an area of 288 m2 and 162 m2, respectively;
library with book collection of 24,000 books;
reading room for 50 student seats;
assembly hall;
medical center with an isolation room for 10 student places;
dormitory for 450 student places;
garages for storing tractors and cars – 12 places,
educational farm with an area of 288 hectares;
autodrome with an area of 2.5 hectares.

Educational – practical center for the profession “Cook”

In December 2020, an educational and practical center for the profession “Cook” was created on the basis of VPU  № 24 in Korets.  Every year, according to the state regional order, 80 students are trained in the profession of “Cook”.

Social partners of VPU № 24 in Korets:
– Korets town council of Rivne region;
– Charitable Foundation “Okroe” from the Netherlands

International partnership
In 2014, VPU No. 24 of Korets concluded a cooperation agreement with the “Okroe” charitable foundation – the Netherlands. Within the framework of cooperation, the Foundation allocated funds in the amount of 15 thousand euros, which were used for the development of the school’s material base (replacement of windows, partial roofs and plumbing in the dormitory).

We strive to cooperate for the sake of the result!

State educational institution
Rivne region

Responsible for international cooperation Kyrychenko Valeriy Pavlovych, deputy director for educational and production work VPU №24, Korets
phone number +380680848356

Our address:
34700 Ukraine, Rivne region, Rivne district, Korets town, str.  Nezalezhnosti, 39

Statute of the educational institution

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